Thanks For A Wonderful Year! #HELLO2019




Dear customer,

First of all, I want to personally thank you for subscribing to our email list and being a part of the Sorority Shop online community! We welcome anyone and everyone to subscribe to our email list for updates on products and blog posts.

I want to thank YOU for making 2018 a great year for us at Sorority Shop! We have come SO VERY far this year with our online marketing and social media efforts. Big changes have created even better results for us! We are SO excited for 2019 and can't wait to share it with customers like you. 

Next, I want to ask you what we can do to make our website, social media, and/or products better in 2019? We want your feedback!
Please visit our suggestion page to give us any feedback that will help us in the New Year. 

Again, thanks for a fantastic year and we can't wait to celebrate 2019! We wish you a Happy New Year!

Social Media Coordinator
@sororityshop #shopyourletters

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  • Andrew Carreon